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Intensive spot correcting concentrate


Brown spots induced by environmental (sun, drugs,

pollution) and hormonal changes (pregnancy, aging)

Lentigos, melasma

Post inflammatory pigmentation

AlphaScience Alpha Bright Serum

  • 8% stabilized L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C in its natural form): antioxidant, limits melanine transfer, boosts epidermis turnover (light exfoliation)

    2% Phytic Acid: antioxidant, pollutant scavenger, regulates pigmentation.

    Acétyl Glycyl ß-Alanine: powerfull spot corrector and lightening peptide, with 4-level mechanism onmelanogenesis.

    EFG® solution (Essential Fraction of Ginkgo biloba)

    Highly concentrated standardized extract containing quercetines, gingkolides and bilobalides.

    Perfume free, preservative free, paraben free, and phenoxyethanol free, not tested on animals.

    • Dry & Dehydrated
    • Skin in need of radiancy
    • Intensive Spots Corrector
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