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Regenerative soothing intensive treatment


Regeneration and soothing after aesthetic procedure: HA filler, botox, PRP, peelings, lasers, RF, cryotherapy, PDT, electrocoagulation...

AlphaScience Regen (HX)(30ml)

  • 5% Helicine complex: increase epithelization process with its action on cells membrane and collagen. Boosts epidermis turnover to promote healthy tissue formation.

    3% Natural Defense System (black currant seed oil +Cardiospermum halicacabum): soothing, anti-inflammatory, It protects and replenishes the damaged skin barrier, reduces allergic reactions and tissue damages

    3% Hyaluronic acids: stimulate skin cells productions, improve skin resistance, hydrate and smooth the skin.

    Perfume free, paraben free, alcohol free.

    • Post-Surgery
    • Sensitive Skin
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